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Wedding Trends for 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Weddings themselves can be a stressful experience and finding a theme that works for you can be even more tricky. Are you looking for a traditional and romantic theme or is fresh and modern more your style? We can’t chose for you but what we can do is round up the key trends for the year and help you create your ideal day here at Tredilion Park.

1. Romantic

Though it may seem like an obvious theme, a Romantic Wedding is described as including soft hues and gentle lighting, an abundance of floral arrangements which may even include a flower wall as a focal point and hanging lights to create a magical feel. Pastel colours, calligraphy and embossment are also a hot topic in the Romantic theme with many couples choosing to hand craft their wedding invites, menus, place settings and table plans. It is s very personal theme that incorporates style and character to reflect the couples’ energy.

2. Alternative

If it’s different that you’re looking for, something completely against tradition, an Alternative theme is certainly the one for you. To add your personality to your wedding, you could use your favourite colour as a basis, your favourite type or flower, or even the design of a candle stick you found in a charity shop – the Alternative theme is all about you, it’ll be 2020 so anything goes! Tredilion Park can be a blank canvas for you to put your stamp on and make it feel like you.

3. Vintage

Vintage is a word used often these days, but for a full vintage style wedding, how about picking an era that you can really sink your teeth into. Another great way to showcase these themes is through the wedding outfit and beauty look. If it’s a 1920’s themed wedding you’re going for, think The Great Gatsby. You could have art-deco inspirited feather fans instead of bouquets for the bridal party and braces and bowler hats for the groomsmen as an example! You can easily create a theme for the décor with antiques from your planned era and finish the day by driving off to your honeymoon in a classic getaway car! With a vintage style already present at Tredilion Park, our venue could be ideal for you if you’re planning this type of wedding.

4. Modern

On the other end of the spectrum from a Vintage themed wedding, Modern weddings have been on the rise over the last few years. Think clean lines, geometric shapes and minimal designs – the phrase ‘less is more’ is what you need to think! You could challenge tradition by opting for a wedding dress in the colour of your choice and stay away from white, create structural backdrops to encompass the theme of geometry and obscure shapes, your imagination has no limits!

5. Rustic

Rustic Weddings have been gaining momentum for the last few years for their organic, DIY feel. If you’re up to the challenge of getting stuck right in with making your own table displays such as mason jar candle holders, hessian table runners, pallet style hand written chalk signs and lace and twine incorporated flower bouquets. Tredilion Park is set in a beautiful location in which a Rustic style wedding would not look out of place. We can offer marquees in a range of options so that your light and airy themed wedding can go to the exact plan that you want.

Tredilion Park can cater for whatever style you have in mind, no matter how obscure it may seem. We would be more than happy to hear what theme you have in mind, or offer our advice if you haven’t already thought of one, so feel free to contact us by visiting our Contact page on our website!

What the experts say and latest tips:

Jennifer Johnson, Wedding Co-ordinator & Communications Consultant

"At one time, tradition ruled weddings, and an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen standing at the front of a church was nonnegotiable. But in 2020, traditional wedding “rules” will continue to be disregarded. Couples are throwing out the norms and planning the weddings they want, welcoming bridesmen and groomswomen or simply attendants into the wedding party and often not caring one bit if the numbers aren’t even. Couples are ditching the large church ceremony for intimate spaces, particularly outdoors, and opting to invite only a select few to witness their exchange of vows, even if a traditional reception follows."

Kali Brumpton from Gabbinbar

"In 2020 the biggest trends will be muted and understated. Wedding florals will be more natural, using soft greenery and unstructured wildflowers. Timber will be a feature in many wedding installations and babies' breath will make a return."

Natalie Churchill from Only Dream Dresses

"Tablescapes and decorations are looking sleeker and more focused, with more personal creativity and sophisticated choices popping up everywhere. Couples are selected rich bold colours rather than the softer palettes that were once very popular.

Wedding dress designers recognise that brides want to look and feel like themselves, and be comfortable as well as sensational. From shorter lengths to separates to knits, jumpsuits and more, there is an abundance of options out there for this incredible day.

The popularity of green and sustainable weddings is only gaining momentum, with things like digital invitations or printed on seed paper."

Mark Bolston from Lord Coconut

"A big trend for 2020 is how wide should a men's wedding ring be? The Average men's wedding ring width at Lord Coconut has been 6mm with 7mm coming in a close second. The interesting point is that 4mm and 5mm wide rings are rapidly catching up in popularity. We believe this trend for narrower men's wedding ring will continue in 2020."

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